It all began with a joint vision to create clarity from complexity, sparked by an observation that our world complicates more than it needs to, particularly in the realms of law.

After several years in the legal, business and design sectors and then working together building a legal design brand for an international law firm; our founders Emma Hertzberg and Meera Klemola now launch Observ.




Emma Hertzberg

Founder & Creative Director

Emma Hertzberg is a creative strategist and award-winning designer with over a decade of experience in design and communications. 

She has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations across several sectors including banking, government, legal, luxury retail and car manufacturing. Highly personal in her approach, she is recognized for her ability to quickly grasp clients’ core needs and structure complex challenges in an easy-to-tackle way. Her core expertise lies in understanding human needs and motivations in relation to business and design.

Emma draws on her expertise in service, process and legal design to solve complex challenges with multiple stakeholders. She is one of a handful of people to have authored and published academic literature on legal design. Emma is also invited to speak frequently at global events on both law and design. 

+358 40 777 1274


Meera Klemola

Founder & Director of Strategy

Meera Klemola is a recognized leader in human-centered design for the legal profession. A strategic designer and former corporate lawyer, with added qualifications in business; she possesses a rare combination of creative, analytical and strategic know-how.

Meera takes a hands-on approach, working with clients and using legal design strategically to modernize legal thinking and innovate new-to-market services and products. Her clients include global brands, multinational organizations and leading international law firms.

On the journey to bring design to law, Meera has had the privilege to frequently share her knowledge as a keynote speaker at global events like Daimler’s ‘Digital Life Day’, Legal Geek and Germany’s Brand & Design Congress. Meera is also a regular contributing author for legal publisher LexisNexis.

+358 40 775 0744